Mission Statement


“Advanced Lean Manufacturing, means, Quality Products, delivered on time, with the lowest price."


We safely provide the highest quality, lowest cost, products in the industry, while continuously seeking ways to improve our customers and employees future.


Safety first Safety will never be taken for granted or thought of as someone else’s job, we must ignore distractions of every day business that may take our eyes off safety. Together, we will develop safe processes and practices for our team and customers.

JIDOKA (100% Quality) We process one piece at a time, at takt time, confirming each step with a quality check through the use of poka-yoke and go no go techniques. If detected, we immediately respond and correct any abnormality.

CUSTOMER FOCUS Our business solely relies on satisfied customers; we will continually seek out, understand, and exceed our customer’s expectations while creating positive and successful business relationships.

STANDARD WORK Without standard work we will not achieve safe repeatable processes. Every process must first be defined through the creation of standard work and then improved.

KAIZEN (Continuous Improvement) Simply put, through the use of advanced lean kaizen techniques, we will improve every process through the course of each year.

SIX FLOWS (Costs) Our costs are made up of six primary flows, People, Materials, Jidoka, Finished Products, Equipment, and information. We must understand and optimize each flow to continuously drive out operating costs within our business.

THE BEST WORKPLACE We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, friendly, and well organized environment in which all will flourish. Without the development, involvement, and honor of great people we can not exist.

OUR TEAM Advanced Lean Manufacturing is not just a company, we are a group of creative individuals, an innovative team, and above all, we are friends and family.