Lean Manufacturing at ALM

Our Team Leaders have been fortunate to have studied under one of Japans most knowledgeable Sensei’s. Our extensive lean manufacturing background has taught us many methods in reducing costs and ensuring quality.

Our principles are simple; we don’t start with buying large expensive machines that can do any job required, like a job shop might do. We first decide on the best product flow beginning with raw material and ending at point of final product consumption (The Customer). Through the use of advanced lean techniques like Jidoka and Chaku Chaku, we are able to insure high levels of value added work, while designing quality into the process and eliminating the possibility that defects can be made or passed on to the customer.

Through the use of Jidoka, we develop Chaku Chaku production lines that produce one part at a time, at takt time. These lines incorporate many value added operations in one flow, by combining fabrication, coatings and assembly into one flow; we are able to provide our customers quality products with the lowest prices in the industry.

We are confident that your component costs and quality can be greatly improved by utilizing Advanced Lean Manufacturing as your supplier of choice. We are a different company, our ability to produce zero defects and provide lower costs while continuously seeking ways to improve our customers and employees futures, definitely gives our customers a competitive advantage.