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Established in March 2004 Advanced Lean Manufacturing was built with Lean Principles; we take pride in providing our customers with low cost components and zero defects. We offer low to high volume fabrication, coating and assembly services. When these three services are combined into one Chaku Chaku line, we are able to provide unmatched pricing with perfect quality. Our goal is to provide customers with zero defects, and pricing that is unmatched in the industry through the use of advanced lean manufacturing methods.

Over the years we have recognized the need to satisfy some customers’ requirements with more traditional manufacturing methods, understanding these needs we have acquired several pieces of equipment to do so, please refer to the services menu to see our list of services we provide.

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves, we hope you see value in our company and allow our Team the opportunity to serve you.

The Advanced Lean Manufacturing Team


New Equipment Arrivals

Our 2nd Amada Laser has arrived, giving us the ability to double our cutting capabilities to support our customers growing needs.

Kaizen Activities

  • We just finished an exciting Kaizen event focused on implementing our Heijunka scheduling system in the machining area.
  • Our next Kaizen event will focus on Heijunka (level load scheduling) implementation of all laser cut parts.
  • We are currently finishing Kaizen activities in our machining area, this has been a fun project focused on Hanedashi (auto eject)
  • We are also finishing up Kaizen activities in the weld area, our weld Team has been focused on changing our standard work to be more visual while also creating more efficient work sequencing.